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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Play time

My husband went on a 3 day fishing trip so I came to CMO to play. After I got some things done that I wanted done I didn't have energy to play. I saw one dragonfly today, first for this year at CMO, but I could not get a photo of it. When it was perched I didn't have my camera on me and only got one more glimpse of it later and it didn't perch. So I can't record the species because without a photo I can't ID it. Maybe tomorrow.

Did add two more butterfly species to my January list. Female Southern Dogface and  Lyside Sulphur. Hope the year continues being good for butterflies.

It got up to 82° today. I finally got the coupling fixed coming from the well to the house so it can't come apart anymore. Should have just done it right in the first place. Gonna take it a little easier tomorrow. Just install another feeder cover, and play.

Clay-colored Sparrow

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