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Thursday, April 27, 2017

An out-of-sync day

I just felt out-of-sync today. I was either a second too slow to get a photo I wanted, or shooting into the sun, or not having the camera set right, or cutting off the bird's tail...

Female Phainopepla eating mulberries
My sinus infection might be dragging me down because I don't have the energy I think I should be having.

I thought I saw my first fledged Lucifer Hummingbird for the year and was determined to get a decent photo if it took all day. Here was the best I could do. He was perched in shade and my camera doesn't do well in shade.

However, I sent the photos to expert Kelly Bryan and he say's it's not a juvenile but either an aberrant adult or a hybrid (maybe both). I really appreciate Kelly's expertise. It's invaluable!

And would you believe I got another Arizona Skipper today in my worn out verbena patch! Since it's been exactly two weeks since the last one, this must be a different individual. Looks too fresh to be two weeks old.

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