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Thursday, April 13, 2017

More paradise

Was amazed today to get a lifer Arizona Skipper. One I never expected, for sure.

Its host plant is Kidneywood (eysenhardtia), which I only have one of, and that one is not blooming. Good old verbena scored again. This skipper just reaches the United States along the southern border between southeast Arizona and the Big Bend of Texas. Kaufman calls it a "flashy" skipper and I must say, it's the most impressive skipper I've seen so far. So glad I got to see and photograph it. And right at my home too, which always makes it more special.

Rufous-crowned Sparrows aren't at all flashy and their song is pretty non-descript too. But by finding beauty in the mundane, it makes the flashy all the more breathtaking. This singing Rufous-crowned Sparrow isn't hard on the eyes and ears at all. It has a soothingness to it, that assures all is well with the world.


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