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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Migration finally ramping up

Getting ready for the Texas Birding Classic's Big Sit to be participated in by a small team of birders Sunday. They make a 17 foot circle and sit in it one whole day and tally how many species they see or hear from that circle. Never did it here before so should be interesting.

My sister and I were half way up the mountain before I realized I had left my Canon in the car. Probably just as well since I didn't see any butterflies. Would have liked to have my little Lumix though for some flower pictures.

I saw a most fascinating bug today. Yesterday there were none of these anywhere and today a Four-wing Saltbush is loaded with them.

The bush looked like a British humbug candy bush, if there is such a thing.

For a couple of years there's been a Bell's Vireo that has white on the head. I never can get a decent photo of it, but I keep trying. Today's photos are a bit better than those I got last April (see post of April 5, 2016) I guess it's a leucistic bird.

I was surprised to see Black-throated Sparrow fledglings today. Seems a bit early. They were begging and being fed, but I wasn't quick enough to capture the action.

UPDATE: Humbug ID'd as a Blister Beetle.

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