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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Our Alpine habitat

Build it and they will come! Thirteen years ago, shortly after we got married, we started planting trees and creating a habitat here in Alpine. It's coming along nicely and, as with CMO, attracting lots of attention. Here's a list of uses for it. Never, when we were working on it did we expect it to become so popular.

Uses for the habitat

People going by enjoy looking at it.
Photographers enjoy photographing it.
Birders enjoy birding it.
Wildlife enjoys the fruit, ponds, and trees.
I enjoy the dragonflies, butterflies, and birds it attracts.
My husband enjoys feeding the ducks.
My husband sometimes raises fish bait in the ponds.
It provides privacy for the neighbors living across from it.
And now, it's a backdrop for prom photos!

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