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Friday, April 28, 2017

Closing in on Burrowing Owl nest

Again today CMO hosted a host of birders. I've had a couple of reports of flat tires after leaving CMO. I usually rake the road but haven't been able to this year, what with trying to recover from my still ongoing sinus infection. Otherwise, there's no solution with 4-ply tires. So come with a plan in the event of a flat. And I'll work on the road some Monday if able.

Some migrants are showing up. There was a report of someone seeing a Townsend's Warbler today. I didn't see it to confirm it and don't know who reported it. Surprisingly, it seems we see Ruby-throated Hummingbirds where ever we look. No idea how many there are. I'm wondering if when they come through as juveniles in the fall they remember the feeders and make a point to come through in the spring. Normally, this isn't their spring migratory path.

Nice having the parking area not so cramped anymore. Love the logo on these cars.

Coming to town this afternoon I found two Burrowing Owls sitting on fence posts in the general vicinity that Michael Gray found that nest burrow the other day. I didn't have time to check it out today, but I will soon. I know where to look now. It's about a quarter mile south of the Larremore Ranch gate, which is a few miles south of the entrance to Elephant Mountain WMA.

Me with leaders from Naturalist Journeys tour

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