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Monday, January 1, 2018

Finally 2018!

Counting the days until spring.

Managed to keep a hummingbird feeder unfrozen all day. Two Rufous partaking. This shot taken through window glass and screen. Until today there was just a female here. I assume wherever this male was feeding the feeder was frozen so he took advantage here. The female didn't seem to mind.

UPDATE: The above hummer was later ID'd as an Allen's, not a Rufous.


  1. The Violet-crowned at Lee's was neat to see. Also, observing it made me feel better about the thickness of the base of the bill. I had fretted about that after I finished the painting. Bob Friedrichs and I had a great visit out your way last week. Sorry we didn't get a chance to visit you. Bob had target birds, so it was whirlwind.
    I'm kicking back in 2018 and trying to recuperate somewhat. Jenni and I are going to Botswana in August (if I live that long). Got to have a CT for possible cancer. Will let you know when I know. You were right about the lung disease ...I'm still going... A big hug to you in the New Year.

  2. OMG! I sure hope you don't have cancer. Definitely let me know asap when you find out. I don't remember what I was "right" about but I do think people with passion in life overcome more than others. Had no idea you were concerned about the bill thickness on the VCHU. It never occurred to me. Always looked right to me. Glad you're over that. Yes, sorry you didn't get by here. It sure is miserable here. I guess Bob found his target birds. Stay in touch.