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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Life's challenges

I made it to CMO with the new refrigerator, but after that, so much went wrong that I had to just stay focused on what didn't go wrong. I managed to get it into the guesthouse without hurting my back. It's a pretty small refrigerator, but when I was messing around with it, trying it in different spots, etc., I did hurt my back. Hopefully, it won't be "out" tomorrow. I'll take some Ibuprofen just in case.

My son is coming tomorrow to get the old heavy one out. Will take another photo tomorrow when it's out and I can put the table and chairs back. I feel bad discarding the fridge because it works good even after 40 years. But the noises and shrieks it makes are horrendous and I'm sure it'll go out sooner rather than later. Better not to have a guest caught with their food spoiled when that happens. It's probably the old freon type too.

I always tell my kids to consider their problems as challenges and not problems, but it's pretty wearing on me, nevertheless. The oasis has two faucets for watering, one on the west side and one on the east side. Water won't come out of the one on the west side. Twice I turned off the pump and shut both faucets to make sure the line held pressure and nothing was leaking out. Water trickles out a tiny bit, but that's all. Maybe a new faucet will fix the problem.

Here are the tanks states of water. I usually photograph them on Jan 1st to compare years, but didn't get down here until today. The water is up to the top of that wet looking area. The reflection in the water is deceiving since it reflects the tank walls too. So the wet looking area is actually under the water. If you enlarge the photo it's easier to tell.

Next problem was the water line from the house to the well. I discovered that dresser coupling that I was sure could never come apart again, came apart. No telling how much water was lost before I discovered it. My back hurts too bad to fix it now. I'm thinking I'll remove the dresser coupling and make the line solid with just a glued in coupling. Enough is enough. No big hurry on it as I have plenty of water in the house tank. I walked the line today and discovered some sections that had the dirt washed off of them. I need to get those sections covered with something so they don't freeze. But right now there's no water in the line so don't need to worry about freezing. Even wheel-barrowing dirt to it wouldn't faze me if I had a functioning back.

As for the oasis faucet, if I have to I can hook up the east side hose directly to the west side hose and water that way. It'll take longer because I can't water both sides at the same time. But at least the trees won't die over it.  The other problems are just minor stuff, which wouldn't normally amount to anything. Maybe tomorrow will be a good day. Supposed to be real windy and I hate wind. Likely won't do anything if the wind is raging.

For what it's worth, my Anna's Hummingbirds all left early this year. They usually leave in January but the last one I saw was on the 29th of December.


  1. I'm laughing, but have nothing to say. Maybe someday I'll look up your phone number so we can exchange stories about plumbing in the boon docks.
    Glad you got the refrigerator in. And I hope the cost to you is easily remedied by a ibuprofen.

  2. Plumbing is the worst part of living in the desert. Water is so vital. Nothing else matters as much. And especially with an oasis dependent on plumbing to survive, makes it even more critical.