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Friday, January 26, 2018

Link to CMO on PBB Texas Parks & Wildlife

Last year TP&W interviewed me for a segment of their PBS series. That program can be seen here:

Weather is nice here but my energy is not great. Maybe when things get hopping my adrenaline will kick in.


  1. It's on the Houston PBS channel right now. What a great place you've created.

  2. Hope to see it soon. I checked our local station(60 miles away), Amarillo PBS and they had already broadcast it. Going a second route, Lubbock broadcasted it thursday. I'll watch for a rerun and/or the PBS channel on youtube to upload it.

    1. Sorry you missed it. I only got one day notice myself. It had already played there by the time I found out. I'll post the link on my blog as soon as it's available to watch online.

  3. Thanks, I'll be watching for it too and let you know if I find it.