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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Need a plan B

I'm thinking next winter I'm going to spend some time in the valley. This is the pits. I had resolved to go last fall but was sick so much that I just ended up focusing on my health and didn't push my luck, but now I'm well and really tired of working crossword puzzles. 

Today I went and bought a new refrigerator for the guest house. Not only has the one I bought for it in 1977 needed replacing for a long time, and the doors open the wrong way, and it's too big and loud, but just getting a new one got my mind looking forward to being able to make progress on something in the present. In a few months Brian and/or Mac will be staying there. That old one sounds like a tractor that's on its last leg. This smaller one will use way less electricity and pay for itself before very long. 

Here is a really cool picture of a birding mobile. This is one serious birding vehicle!

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