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Monday, March 12, 2018

Almost well

Even though I knew today would be a chilly day I felt I needed to check hummingbird feeders. Got to CMO and the feeders were fine, but managed to wear myself out more than I should have. Still have vertigo, but it's getting better.

Upon arriving, I accidentally flushed eight Green-winged Teal from the big tank. Before I realized what was happening a couple of Peregrine Falcons appeared out of nowhere. The ducks dropped back into the tank. Thereafter, they seemed afraid to stay in the water. They hugged the sides of the tank for the rest of the day, and flushing no longer seemed to be an option. I guess Peregrines can pick them off the water. Don't know.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a lovely day so I hope to finish watering and enjoy looking for butterflies.

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  1. Ah geez. I hate fang and claw. I know it's there and have seen enough of it.
    Walt Disney where are you to make it OK???