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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Verbena Vertigo

After my previous post about killing myself planting verbena, I ate and went to bed (7 PM). In the night I got bad vertigo and by morning I couldn't keep anything down. Not even one sip of water. By 4 PM my sister brought me over some vertigo meds, which I kept down. Finally, dragging around, weak and dizzy, today. Lost yesterday totally. I had vertigo bad like this once before many years ago. Since then only mild bouts.My sisters get it occasionally too since they're older. None of the men in my family have ever had it. For some reason older women tend to get it.

Got some mulch on the verbena before heading to town. Too weary to take any photos, but I plan to go back in a couple of days. Saw some kind of a dragonfly today and some butterflies, so the action is picking up.

My husband's rash doesn't look any better to me, so guess it wasn't scabies. Back to the drawing board.

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