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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Birds and birders

The oasis is a beehive of activity. Birds are abundant due to the horrible heat and drought. 

When it's real hot the Bell's Vireo sits high in the nest and when it's cool you can barely see her head and tail peaking out of the nest.

I spent some time in the shade this afternoon (103°) practicing with my Canon. Here are a few of my best ones, but of course, not nearly as good as Mac's. The first two are of a gorgeous male Yellow Warbler.  It would not be still for one second!

Next is the Lazuli Bunting that's been hanging around for several days now. He's irresistible to photograph.

Yellow-headed Blackbird

San Luis House Finch with beak full of seeds


  1. Thanks! I get so frustrated with my photography. The more I struggle with it the more I realize I don't know. I just need a good point and shoot. Too technical for me.