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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Great migration day

Quite a few birders were lucky to visit on a day when migrants were abundant. Hope tomorrow is as good for the first group with the annual TOS (Texas Ornithological Society) meeting. Here's a couple pics by Mac. The Cassin's Finch is still here.

And here's a female Lucifer Hummingbird that I find interesting. For one thing, it's banded on the left leg. Kelly bands on the right leg. So that means one of his banding guests is the one who banded it. Also it has quite a few gorget feathers. Hoping one of these days to get it recaptured and learn more about it.

Speaking of Lucifers, the new issue of Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine features a two page spread of a photo taken at CMO several years ago by Ron Cook.

I can visualize lots of photographers wanting a shot like that.

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