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Monday, May 7, 2018

Water rationing mode

Got up to 98° today and no matter how much I water everything is desperately dry. So, with water stores dwindling, it's time to ration. Starting today, I just watered enough to keep things alive.

I was in town this morning when Mac texted me there was a male Cassin's Finch at CMO. How I wanted one here for the TOS groups! And by the time I got down to the oasis today it wasn't to be seen. Bummer! But thankfully Mac documented it.

Prior to this spring, I hadn't documented one at the oasis. This male makes the fourth one seen here so far. The other 3 were females.

Still good migrants coming through. Here are a couple from today.

Dickcissel by Mac

And the Brown Thrasher is surprisingly still around.
By Mac Womack

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