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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Always interesting

After lunch and a short nap I went back outside but it was too hot to work so I finished the watering and taking pictures in between moving the hose. It seems there's always interesting stuff to see and photograph. I almost missed noticing this Black-chinned Hummingbird female at a sunflower that volunteered to grow, probably because of the fortune I spend on sunflower seeds.

Here's a Familiar Bluet dragonfly.

There's no hurry on cleaning out that ditch. It'll probably be months or years before we get another big gully-washer..... or tomorrow. I'll wait until the weather cools off. At 7:00 PM it was still 95° at the oasis.


  1. Do you put out seed for birds ? That may be the source of the variety of sunflower that is utilized in bird seed. The smaller black oil sunflower seed is most appreciated by seed loveíng birds.

    Can't say I've ever seen or heard of a Hummer going for sunflowers. Over here numerous species of Bumblebees love them.


  2. Yes, all the sunflower seeds I buy are put out for the birds. I don't know if the bird was looking for nectar or insects in the sunflower.