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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More dragonflies

Here are a couple of dragonfly shots I like. I'm stuck with dragonflies until more birds of interest show up.The first one is of a male Pin-tailed Pondhawk. (I posted a different photo of one on July 5th). This male was perched out in the middle of the pond. In order to get a better photo of it I put on wading boots and placed a stick closer to shore. The stick was crooked and slumped sideways in the mud from the vertical position I had it, but whatever! It worked.

Next is a pair of what are probably Plateau Spreadwings. They're the bottom two on the stick. (The top one is a Blue Dasher) All my IDs, of  course, are per Kelly. I'd be lost without his help.

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  1. Dragonfly design always made me think of The helicopter models used in the Television Series "Mash".

    The Damselfly always reminded me of something dainty , delicate and gentle. But like Dragonflies, who knows what their rough housing kids are like under the water.