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Saturday, August 25, 2012

New rain gauge

I'm all ready for rain now. Can't wait to measure it on my new gauge, a birthday gift from Kelly and Donna Bryan. ( I turned 72 last month.)

This morning there was what appeared to be an  influx of warblers, but this afternoon I couldn't find a one. Here is the only one I got photos of, a Northern Waterthrush.

The others, from what I saw, were all female Wilson's and Yellow Warblers.

While I was watering trees and pulling grass I saw a big patch of what I think are more of those Orange Flameflowers, like the ones I posted on July 9th. So lovely. Other flowers too that I plan to photograph tomorrow.

I got chased by this javelina. Took this photo from the safety of my pickup.


  1. Well it's looks as if the monsoonal moisture is shifting more away from Californai and Arizona towards your area. I see thunderstorm activity northwest and directly south of your Apline.


  2. I sure hope I get my tanks topped off this year so I'm not hauling water again next spring.

  3. I've never thought about winter season rains, do you actually get much winter rains ?


  4. I remember one year when my tanks all filled in January, but normally I don't get any winter rain. Anything is possible though and I always hope.

  5. Southern California is supposed to be hit hard with El Nino this 2012/13 season. How do El Ninos effect you and your areas ??

  6. We normally get more rain during an El Nino year. That's music to my ears.