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Friday, August 3, 2012

New viewing area done

I was so anxious to see it done that I slaved away yesterday even when the temperature reached 100.° I don't seem to be suffering any ill effects. It helped that after every wheelbarrow load of gravel I hauled up out of the arroyo I sat in the shade and watched birds for a while and drank lots of water. I can just handle a load half full so had to take lots of trips. That's OK. It's done and I love it.

Here's a photo I took of the Brown-crested Flycatcher during one of my numerous rests.

I tried to find the Louisiana Waterthrush that had been photographed the previous day (Aug 1) by a visiting bird photographer, but only got one half-second glimpse of it. I imagine it's the same one seen here on July 22-25, but is sure much more secretive and quiet now, if it is the same one.


  1. Carolyn......looking good, you are for sure stronger than me......shalom en theos...jim

  2. Looks really good. Funny how when there is something we really WANT to do, even the heat won't slow us or stop us from getting something done. And we are less bothered by the advercity because its done.

    Robert Mace, Lockhart, Tx.

  3. Looking Great! Can't wait to see it in Sept.
    Hope by then the temp will drop! It's so hot
    here in San Angelo that Bob & I try to get an
    early start to see any birds either at the State Park or two of our City Parks by the river! We sure need rain!

    Ann Zeller

  4. I think it'll be perfect in September. But, of course, to me it's perfect now. If it rains in Sept it'll be cool and if it doesn't the humidity will be so low that it won't feel all that hot. There's always a light breeze in the shade that does wonders too. See you soon.