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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bittern in Alpine

For the last few days we've had an American Bittern at the ponds here in Alpine.

It's likely a young bird. All I saw it catch was small fish.

Hope it sticks around a while.


  1. So you planted some fish in your pond ? What kind ? Are they the common mosquito fish from Florida that the government uses everywhere ?

  2. When I met and married my husband 9 years ago he had perch in one pond and goldfish in the other. He used them for fishing bait. Gradually, the goldfish disappeared. I convinced him to fish with stink bait and we stocked the ponds with native gambusias. There are some perch left, but don't know to what extent. Now I'm working on my husband to stop mowing around the ponds and poisoning the vegetation that comes up in them. Like sedges, etc.

  3. I hope it sticks around, too, Carolyn. Excellent photos, too.

  4. Thanks, Bob. It was fun photographing it. Several years ago we built a photo blind by the ponds and I've hardly ever used it. So today finally made it all worth having built it.

  5. If you ever see one in the area again, let me know!