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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Indoors with windows closed

It seems I no sooner got to Alpine than my sister called that she got half an inch of rain. I couldn't rest wondering if I might have caught some water in the dirt tank, or settling pond, so I prevailed upon her to drive up and see. Turns out I didn't catch any runoff and only got a quarter of an inch at my place. I could relax.... as much as it's possible for me to relax.

I had been wanting to bird a pond I heard about along the railroad tracks near where we live in Alpine. So I packed my camera and set out.

There were quite a few birds, including at least 500 Clay-colored Sparrows in the weeds along the way. Problem was, I thought I'd see more birds by bush-whacking and soon became hopelessly ensnared in the two weeds I'm most allergic to---Careless Weed and Golden Crownbeard (or Cowpen Daisy). Even though I had taken a 24 hour antihistamine when I got to Alpine yesterday, all I could think of was to get out of there. The weeds covered countless acres and were shoulder high to me.  The pollen was so bad that every step I took released clouds of it. Sure won't ever do that again. Sorry forgot to take photos of the situation. Wish I had.

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