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Monday, October 8, 2012

New electric pump en route

I had my sister check the tank level yesterday and it had gone down 2½" in approximately 24 hours. Not good, but better than before I drained and patched the tank. As the level goes down it should leak less. I'll try to make it last until spring and then I plan to buy some expensive coating material for the bad area and hopefully fix it for good. I was looking into a product called Sani-Tred. Does anyone know anything about it? It sounds like what I need.

Hummers are moving through Alpine. Here is a photo I took today a Ruby-throated Hummingbird.

If you're wondering why the pinkish background on some of my Alpine hummer shots, it's because I take them out the window by the feeders, and way in the background is a barn-red shed. This is the effect it makes. Rather pretty, but so unnatural looking.

My new electric pump should arrive in a couple of days. My husband was going to order a stainless steel 1½" discharge pump,  but wisely,decided to let me order the one I thought I should have.  I already have a 1½" pump that belonged to my late husband. That's what I was using before my son came down and got the 3" gas pump set up. So I ordered a 3" electric trash pump. It was actually less expensive than the one Hugh planned to get me. Hope I ordered the right one for my situation. 


  1. Gorgeous shot of the hummer, Carolyn. Nothing wrong with the pinkish background.

  2. Thanks, Bob. Coming from a great photographer like you that means a lot to me.