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Monday, October 22, 2012

Varied Thrush had visitors today

I'm no longer the only person to have seen it. Kelly Bryan, Matt York, and Heidi Trudell have now seen and photographed it. I'm trying to fatten it up for its journey. Looks good and fat to me.

Also visiting is a Rock Dove (pigeon). Seems it was a racing pigeon from San Antonio that deserted. Heidi Trudell tracked down that info.


  1. How about that, he didn't hold it against you that you banded his foot. He stuck around after all.

    Oh and don't fatten the Thrush up to much. You don't want it looking good to predators.


  2. What stuck around after we banded it? We didn't band the pigeon. I presume its owner did. Heidi checked on it and its a homing pigeon that was being raced from Wichita Falls to San Antonio.

    If you mean the hummingbird, it seems that it stayed the rest of that day anyway. We didn't band the thrush.

    Speaking of predators, I'll bet that pigeon looks yummy, and has no idea there are predators out in the free world.

  3. Oh my mistake, I thought you and others did a lot of bird banding in general around there.

    Actually I was think of other birds of prey, didn't consider ground predators

  4. We've ever only banded hummingbirds at my place. I plan to keep it that way. There are plenty of accipiters around to keep the birds on their toes. Kelly saw a N Harrier there today too. Peregrines and Red-taileds are always hanging around too. Sometimes eagles. Oh, for sure a Great Horned Owl. But yes, lots of foxes, coyotes, mountain lions. And snakes love birds.

  5. how do you track down a bird with band s on its legs. It is a rock dove with a blue band on the left leg and a green band on the right. It landed in my yard and will follow me around the yard but will hop away if you try to pick it up . Any ideas if so contact thx ahead of time