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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Racing around

I think I'm getting paranoid about water since last year's devastating drought. At any rate, as I expected, I lacked two feet of having enough water to fill the tank. I'm in Alpine now and won't know how much it's leaking until I get back down there in a few days. Can't be helped. I had rescheduled my dental checkup to stay there and get the tank emergency taken care of. Still determined to brush or spray some good lining on it when it's dry early next year. Meanwhile, I feel secure water-wise. As secure as I can probably ever feel. And I'm confident any leakage will benefit that mesquite tree.... eventually.

My husband bought some deer feed that turned out to be damp and beginning to mold.  The out-of-state company wouldn't reimburse him for it. He was going to throw it away but I thought it might make mulch in my oasis. I spread a bunch of it beneath a bird feeder. It'll be an interesting experiment. I wore out before I could lift any more of those 50 lb bags, but I'll eventually get it all spread. It's in the form of pellets. Forgot to photograph it after I spread it. Next time....

As I was rushing to finish up at the oasis and get to town to start catching up there I was stopped by a sheriff's road block. Seems a road race (Shelby Mustang or something) was about to take place and they were closing a big section of Highway 118. I was the first vehicle not let through. Nothing to do but sit and wait..... and take photos.

The race was a timed race and started somewhere around Elephant Mountain. The cars reached speeds of around 160 mph and by the time they came past the stopped cars at the end, the helmeted drivers were pretty pumped on adrenalin. Hoods were raised and you could feel the natural highs in the air.

There were over twenty cars in the race and after completing the course (?) the drivers pulled over and waited on the others, apparently. I was just relieved when I was finally allowed to continue my trip to town.

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