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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New butterfly species for me

I was enjoying a great day today with friends Bill Lindeman and Jane Crone that got even better when Bill spotted an Arizona Powdered-Skipper butterfly. I had never seen that species before although my records indicate that in May of 2010 Brian Banker reported seeing that species here.

Bill took lots of photos, but one of my favorites is of this female Pyrrhuloxia. We all got a laugh out of this one. I don't know how she expects to attract a mate sporting a hair-do like that.

(Posted here with Bill's permission)
The Varied Thrush is still present. I finally got a photo of  him on his roost high in a cottonwood tree.

It was almost dark, so I lightened the photo in order that his color would show. I think his orange is getting more vivid as he enters breeding season. His singing is louder and longer every day, too. It won't be long now.......

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  1. Ha ha on the Pyrrhuloxia - but maybe this time of year if it's windy and all, the guys understand? *Never* seen a butterfly like that - wow!