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Saturday, March 2, 2013

No longer mourning nemesis

Yesterday when I got to the oasis after being gone for 3 days, I was feeling sorry for myself because it seems all the time I spend here is spent working and little or no time to enjoy. But as I worked my way down my "to do" list and realize I can stay down here maybe as long as a whole week, the pressure eased. So after I finished watering the trees today, I took a break from labor, canceled my nap, and with camera in hand actually played. I'd been seeing my nemesis Mourning Cloak butterfly all afternoon, so began to focus on photographing it, and not getting sidetracked by something else. It paid off. Finally got it. Nemesis no more.

 I carried my big heavy camera as I watered and nabbed a shot of a tRuby-crowned Kinglet. I realized I've never posted a photo of that species, so here it is.

Also today I got good looks at a gopher that Kelly Bryan identified as a Pocket Gopher.

Back to work tomorrow. I plan on finishing the tank patching tomorrow and waiting on finishing cleaning it out for when guests and family arrive later in the week. Won't they be surprised to learn what I have planned for them!

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