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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Two owl night @ CMO

When I arrived at the oasis around 8:30 PM an Elf Owl flushed from the courtyard. It happened too fast for me to get a photo, but later, I did get a photo of this adorable Western Screech-Owl. It's the first screech-owl photo I've gotten at the oasis. Took it with my little Kodak Easyshare. Hopefully, at some point, I'll get a better one with my Canon if the owl stays. I think it's the Mexican subspecies (Megascops kennicottii suttoni), for whatever that's worth.

Here are a few blooms. The first one is the apricot tree. I think the blossoms got frozen or partially frozen the other night. Not looking good.

Next is a Mountain Laurel. This one is in the courtyard where it doesn't get quite as cold.

Then, the orange tree that resides inside the house. The house is so wonderfully perfumed by it for a couple weeks every year, but I've only ever gotten a few oranges from it.

Last of the photos, not of the blooms, is this huisache. 


  1. kodak did a good job. Much better than no picture.

  2. Yes, I was just thrilled to get a documentary photo. I have a really hard time with night bird photography. My canon won't focus without a spotlight or something on the subject. It was cold and windy and I was afraid by the time I got the tripod and lighting all set up, then took some test shots until I got it right, the owl would disappear. So I settled for a bird in the hand, so to speak.