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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Up in the tree tops

I never know when a photo I take of the Varied Thrush will be the last, so I took a few late this afternoon as it was going way to the top of the cottonwood tree. That tree had leaves on it when the thrush arrived in October and now it's leafing out again. What I'm saying is, that bird has been here for 5 whole months now.

UPDATE: Seconds after I took this photo, the bird disappeared and hasn't been seen or heard since. Bummer that I looked away and didn't see the actual lift off around 8 PM. When I last saw it it was acting antsy and way higher in the cottonwood than I had ever seen it before, looking this way and that, maybe trying to get its travel bearings, or whatever. Not like it was settling in to roost.


  1. What a story it has been following this Thrush and your commitment to keep him fed. Great photo, he looks so proud, hopefully ready to make his journey back to where he can find a mate. What a great story.

    I have a Baltimore Oriole in my yard, not native to this area other than migrating through. It is staying way too long, kind of similar to your visitor only the Varied Thrush is way, way off course and shouldn't be there even as a migrator. I know you know, just sayin' it has been wonderful to follow.
    Have you told Cornell about the Varied Thrush's arrival and long stay at the Oasis? Or been able to find someone who studies this species? Bet there is someone somewhere that'd be mighty interested in this story and your photos.

    1. Oh sorry, Carolyn. I forgot to type my name. It is me, Terri that posted above.

  2. Thank you, Terri. I enjoyed the thrush but am glad it safely left. To answer your question, I'm sure the powers that be know about the thrush. It's been reported to the Texas Rare Bird Committee, North American Birds, and ebird, so Cornell has to know. I've written an illustrated journal story that may get published in a birding magazine. Just need to polish it a bit before I submit it.

  3. Oh please post the link when your story gets published, (thinking positively that it will!) Awesome. I thought you would have reported the thrush sighting and long stay. Pretty miraculous.

  4. Texas Birds Annual wants to publish the thrush story so it'll be in the 2013 issue late this year. I don't know if that publication appears online or not, but if it does I'll post a link.