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Friday, April 12, 2013

All is on track

I keep forgetting to mention that the W Screech-Owl is still here. And I found where the Elf Owls are nesting.  Had a couple of early warblers come by (Yellow-rumped and Wilson's). They didn't stay long though. The mulberries are growing as fast as they can so they'll be ready for migration in 2 weeks. Night before last it got down to 32° here for the third time this month, so the mulberries are just squeaking by. I watered them down all 3 times, but it probably hadn't been necessary. Wasn't taking any chances if it was within my power to prevent their freezing.

And the acacias are budding out in readiness.

UPDATE:  After posting, I went down to the oasis to discover Spiny Elm caterpillars devouring the leaves from the last remaining cottonwood tree (the others died in the drought). That tree is vitally important to the birds. I've seen caterpillars strip trees bare of every leaf. It'll be hard for this tree to recover because it'll soon be bombarded with heat, probably record heat, with no way to shade its trunk and root system. 

Above photo from web. They are larva of the Mourning Cloak Butterfly

Just gotta hope they don't impact the tree too much.

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