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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Butterflies and blooms

The oasis is greening up more every day, but will probably never look as good as it did before the big drought of 2011. The hills around me are literally carpeted with flowers.

I wore myself out today seeking butterflies. I guess I thought since I was a birding addict I was immune to becoming a butterflying addict. (Would that be like a heroin addict thinking he was immune to other drugs?)
I did manage to add another species to the oasis list though.... a Common Sootywing.

Here are some blooms I came across along the arroyo. Brian tells me this bush is ratany (Krameria), a good host plant for Mormon Metalmarks. Will see if I can find some there first chance possible.

This condalia is loaded with berries. The birds will soon come and gobble them up.

And a couple more butterfly photos from today. This adorable White Checkered-Skipper...

And two variations of the Fatal Metalmark..

And I can't leave out this lovely Checkered White. Per Brian, it's a male.

You see why I'm worn out. Playing is hard work. The camera is really heavy and it was hot today. Not complaining. Just saying.....

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