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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Busy day

Birders coming and going most the day and this morning was miserably cold and windy. (Luckily, it didn't freeze last night.) No big fallout of birds like they're having in E TX today, but it's still a little early for here. Enough birds here to keep it interesting, though. It was pretty hectic so I didn't really get any good photos. Here's some kind of beetle or larva that looks different from any I've seen before.

One tour group arrived too late in the morning to observe the Lucifer Hummingbird activity at the feeders, and then left shortly before two male Varied Buntings came in and bathed at a water feature. They really wanted to see that species too. Bummer! The screech-owl was seen by all, though. Tomorrow will be another busy day. Hopefully, the birds will cooperate.

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  1. Looks like maybe a young net-winged beetle?