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Friday, April 5, 2013

Migration coming soon

Reports indicate that migration is going good in east Texas. They're always a couple of weeks ahead of us. Most of my nesting species are here. Still awaiting the buntings and vireos. Hopefully, the chats will nest here this year. Only see one or two migrants coming through, but migration doesn't get into full swing here until the acacias bloom and the mulberries are ripe. Luckily, the mulberries survived the recent cold spells. Barely, though.

Everything else is blooming like crazy, permeating the air with an exhilarating blend of fragrances. Here is the pale Mexican Buckeye (far right) beside the normal one.

Woolly Paintbrush (Castilleja lanata) is my most common paintbrush along the arroyo at the oasis.

And where there are blooms, there are butterflies. Here's a lovely male Orange Skipperling.

Just not many birds yet, but the table will soon be set.......


  1. Glad to see you back on. I was starting to worry about you after nothing in a week. Did ya'll get any of that beautiful rain in mid week? What a beautiful sight it was here.
    Robert Mace, Lockhart

  2. I was stuck in Alpine for nearly a week. Made me crazy. Dentist, pickup in shop, etc. I got .14" of that rain and grateful for every drop.