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Monday, April 8, 2013

Interesting bird behavior

Special friends, Ray and Roz Hodson, visited this morning. Good thing they did too. If they hadn't, I would have gone to Alpine earlier and missed some good stuff.

I try not to think of all the exciting things going on when I'm not there.

After seeing my first spring warbler (a Yellow-rumped), a Phainopepla and Western Scrub-Jay showed up. I'm sure they're taking inventory to see if, and when, they should expect acorns and mulberries. As the Phainopepla sat in the mulberry tree that's full of green mulberries, I'll bet he was making a mental note to be sure and check that tree out again in a couple of weeks. I didn't photograph him because I already have so many Phainopepla photos, but did photograph the jay. By the time I located him he was a quarter mile down the arroyo, so another bad photo. If I hadn't heard him I would never even have known he dropped by.

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  1. Great optimistic story about the behavior of bird. Interesting. Regards