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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Chaos and frustration

You all know how desperate I always am for rain. Well, got some today. Just happened to be a day my lepidopterist friend needed sunshine to see butterflies. So I drove him on a tour around Terlingua Ranch for something to do, and like a dummy I returned via the road that has a big hill on it, a hill that isn't passable when it's raining. It was, by then, raining. I could have not gone out, or returned the back way in, or maybe even put some rocks in back of my pickup. But to make a long story not quite so long, I almost made it up, but skidded cross-ways in the road near the top of the hill. Could not go forward as my rear wheel was in a ditch and in front of me was an embankment. We had  to walk half a mile to the house through pouring rain and mud. In my frustration, I totally forgot to take a photo of the mess I got myself into. Doesn't get much worse than that.

So, late in the afternoon, after it hadn't rained for a couple of hours, my two sisters agreed to meet Brian and me at the big hill to try to get my pickup out. We piled rocks in the back and when they all got ready to push, I couldn't find the keys. Seems I had thoughtlessly stuck them in my pants pocket, then thoughtlessly changed out of my wet pants at the house. I never take the keys out when I'm here, only in the city, so I was obviously stressed to have done that. After another round trip to the house, we finally were ready to crank it up. They  pushed, and I spun the wheels big time, dousing them all with plenty of mud. Made it out just barely. Whew! I was exhausted from walking all over the place carrying a gas can between gas pumps and up to the house and everywhere. Good to have my wheels back. Not to mention the road was blocked to where Brian couldn't get out. You can always make it down the hill, just not up when it's raining. Steep and slick.

In all so far, still raining off and on, I've gotten over an inch and had some run into my dirt tanks that I'm pumping into my concrete tanks. Should, with rationing, make it through until next rainy season, plus don't have to water for at least a week. Good on that.

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