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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Rainy weather

I was in my usual rush to get to the oasis this afternoon after helping with Kelly's banding in Ft Davis, but just couldn't resist stopping along the highway and snapping a few photos. That rain is between Highway 118 and the Christmas Mountains, but there's been a light rain here off and on ever since I arrived about 4 PM. And more is in the forecast. This moisture is coming from the Baja, which is where I usually get my best rains. Here's hoping the tanks fill up.

My valued lepidopterist friend, Brian Banker drove all night, 1150 miles, from California to get here. He's already seen 3 life butterflies here, and added 4 species to my oasis list. This is really exciting for me. The new species for the oasis are Large Orange Sulphur, Dingy Purplewing, Tropical Leafwing, and Zilpa Longtail. His main objective was to see an Ornythion Swallowtail and he succeeded this afternoon shortly before I arrived here. Incredibly, it was a different individual from the two I had previously photographed, and are shown in previous posts.

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