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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Photography practice

Even though the sun never made an appearance today (AND NO RAIN EITHER) I did my best to practice using manual mode. Whenever something appeared that I really wanted a photo of, and didn't want to chance missing out, I switched to Av. But I'm getting more comfortable with manual and don't expect to continue reverting back to my Av comfort zone much longer. Here are a few I took today with manual. I look forward to seeing what it'll do with sunny conditions, and better birds. It seemed like Black-chinneds were all I could get to cooperate today.

I like the size perspective the butterfly in the background gives the above photo. Below is an Easatern Phoebe that showed up today.

I added a couple photos of Pigeonberries to yesterday's post for anyone interested in seeing what they look like. Not many left to be found. The birds have gotten most of them.

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