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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cool and birdless

I've never seen the oasis with so few birds. If you're planning a visit,  you may want to rethink it. There are more birds out foraging in the wilds than at the oasis. Walking up a drainage area I saw lots of quail, sparrows, etc. At the oasis was just a kinglet and a hummingbird. Unbelievable. It's usually rife with birds.

Driving down from Alpine today I could see heavy moisture in the Christmas Mountains and it did sprinkle a few brief times today. With a cool breeze, it barely made it up to 57° for a short time this afternoon. All in all, not a pleasant day.

Here's a photo of the Prickly Ash (Zanthoxylum hirsutum) that Jane has for me. I'm so thrilled and excited about it.


  1. And I almost contacted you on my last Marfa trip, but knew I would have to get back! Whew...

    1. Since you're more interested in plants and stuff than birds, you would probably have enjoyed visiting. Hope to meet you one of these days.