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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hectic holiday

I made breakfast for my company, then rushed to Alpine to share Thanksgiving dinner with my husband and his kids, then hurried back to join my family. Pretty exhausted now.

Here's a picture of my new kumquat tree. To the left of it is the new Prickly Ash. It wasn't as protected on its trip here from Fredrickburg, but I think it'll perk up fine. That orange accidentally captured in the photo is starting to ripen, and the kumquat has little fruits on it. Gonna be fun next year. Just have to get past winter first.


  1. Keep in mind the L Ash will drop all it's leaves.

  2. Do you plan to keep it indoors?

  3. Is it deciduous? I get confused. I'll research it. No, I plan to plant it outdoors in March.

  4. OMG, I see it is deciduous. How interesting. Out of curiosity, what does the L stand for in "L Ash?" I thought it was zanthoxylum hirsutum.

  5. I'm thinking, since it's deciduous, I should plant it outdoors now, don't you think?