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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Exciting day

I led some wonderful birder friends to see the Costa's Hummingbird down near Terlingua, and no sooner got to Alpine than one of them called, and another posted, that they had found a Lewis's Woodpecker about 10 miles south of Alpine. So I had barely unpacked my ice chest and was off again. Here is a photo of the Costa's I took this AM... Kelly Bryan thinks it's a juvenile male with adult tail, but not yet a full adult gorget.

And a special treat for the birders was getting their pictures taken with a Pyrrhuloxia feeding from their hand.

Here's the Lewis's Woodpecker south of Alpine...

and here are a couple of photos of the Mountain Bluebirds that are in abundance near where the woodpecker was. The first is a male, the last, a female.

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