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Friday, December 27, 2013

Lovin' Lajitas

Can't seem to stay away. It has such a nice unwintery feel to it. I saw the Blue-throated Hummingbird a couple of times briefly as it was insect-catching high in the cottonwood trees (to right of tower on photo above). And lots of other hummers keep me busy cleaning and filling feeders. A labor of love, for certain.

I can never get a photo of the male Anna's Hummingbird to do it justice, but I keep trying.


  1. Great photos. Ann and I hope to do as well when we visit on Jan. 10th.

  2. Thanks, Bob. I got the dates of your visit mixed up and went by Far Flung yesterday looking for you. Lots of Anna's there too. And I loved your book they had on their counter. First time I'd seen it. Great job!