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Monday, December 9, 2013

Another busy day

Kelly and I spent a cold morning banding hummingbirds. Were very surprised to get our first ever Lucifer Hummingbird for the month of December. It was a male that we captured at Far Flung Outdoor Center in Study Butte. I figure by the time the Lucifer got to the lovely yard and feeders they have there, he thought he was close enough to his wintering territory in Mexico. His weight was healthy, and his gorget is worn, and not as bright and shiny as a fresh spring gorget would be.

After banding and lunch, we took a notion to go to Big Bend National Park hoping to locate a possible Nutting's Flycatcher that has been reported from Rio Grande Village there. We not only didn't find it, I didn't even glimpse a potential candidate. Saw this strange looking Eastern Phoebe though.

I'm too tired to post more photos from today. Tomorrow's another day...........

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