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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Swamp Sparrow

Hubby went fishing due to lovely weather so I got to come back to the oasis sooner than planned. A great Christmas bonus, I'd say. I was surprised to see a couple of different birds here, including a Fox Sparrow and a Swamp Sparrow. I've had both species here before, but this is the first photos I've ever gotten of a Swamp Sparrow.

A very secretive and hard to photograph species (for me, anyway), and taken from farther away than I would have preferred..

I plan to splurge the second day of my 3 "bonus" days by going to Lajitas tomorrow. I'll take some sugar water with me just in case Kelly's feeders there are empty. Since I had my work caught up here I may bird Rio Grande Village in the park the following day. It's always been one of my very favorite birding places, but such a long drive to get there. And that'll be the last of my 3 "bonus" days. Time sure flies.

I was going to go to Lake Balmorhea today to see the Red-necked Grebe that's there, but discovered my scope wasn't in my vehicle like I thought it was, so couldn't go. The first thing I did upon arriving at the oasis this morning was put the scope into my pickup, where I resolve to keep it. If the grebe continues at Balmorhea, I'll plan a trip there for next week. It's hard to juggle living in two places, one closer to Balmorhea, the other closer to Rio Grande Village. Keeps life from getting dull.

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