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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Kelly's early Christmas present

While technically it's Christmas every day in the Christmas mountains, some days are more Christmasy than others. Today we went to Bonnie Wunderlich's to band the juvenile male Costa's Hummingbird that has been there since Nov 22. Here is Kelly unwrapping his present, ever so carefully, of course.

Doesn't everyone measure their presents as soon as they unwrap them?

The youngster was a nice healthy specimen with a nice healthy weight. Nevertheless, getting examined works up quite a thirst. He guzzled from the feeder for a long time.

Then, when it was time to release him, Bonnie wanted to do the honors. Kelly tried to transfer him to her hand so I could photograph the event, but the hummer was having none of it. He was gone in a blink.

Moments later he was back defending his territory. Bonnie does such a great job of caring for her birds. She has every right to be proud. We're proud of her, that's for sure.

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