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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Wintery window birding

I'm stuck in Alpine and the weather is nasty. I refuse to go outside in it. Here are a couple of pics taken through the windows. I put out a cracked pecan for the poor Yellow-rumped Warbler.....

A  Northern Mockingbird was pretty aggressive about claiming the nuts.

And then there's the poor Rufous Hummingbird coming to the feeders that I have to keep thawing out.

It's going to be warmer tomorrow and we're going  birding to Lake Balmorhea. Then banding Monday and Tuesday. Just have to get through today.

UPDATE: I ventured outdoors for a few minutes. Here's what it's like out there....

Notice the ice on the Pyrrhuloxia above.

A couple of Northern Shovelers joined the Mexican Ducks on the ponds.


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