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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's tradition

I thought a good way to start out the year would be to do something technologically progressive, like take a "selfie." Well, don't expect one very often. There's an art to it. I'm used to keeping my fingers away from the back side of the iphone (most of the time) when using the camera. Can't get the hang of having the lens focused between me and the iphone. (Yes, that's my finger on the upper far right.) Then there's the knack of getting the light to shine on your face at the same time you're composing the background to your satisfaction. I finally gave up. Here's my best shot. I wanted the pond in the background because every year on Jan 1st, I take a photo to show how much water I have in the tank to last until rainy season. It's my tradition.

This year's supply is almost exactly the same as last year's. It would be nice if it was better, but good that it's not worse. 

The Blue-throated Hummingbird continues at Lajitas. It's now patronizing a different feeder, one at the south end of a row of pines below the tower. (This photo was taken 12-21-13 at Lajitas by me.)


  1. I didn't know Katherine Hepburn was still around ? Is that "On Golden Pond" in the background ?


    1. Thank you, Kevin. That's sure my "golden pond." And you sure made me smile :)