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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Lajitas Mesa

Lajitas Mesa is a mile north of Lajitas and just north of the Presidio County line in SW Brewster Co. At an elevation at 3672' above sea level, it rises about 1330' above the town. The mesa is 1½ miles long and ½ mile across at its widest point. Dark lava flows and white ash deposits are exposed on its flanks. The mesa's shallow and rocky soil supports Desert Willow, Texas Persimmon, Little Texas Walnut, Mexican Buckeye, and various brushes and grasses.

Here's how the feeder area looked at daybreak this morning, with the mesa in the background and bell tower on the right.

This American Robin posed nicely with the mesa in the background. Too bad the hummers weren't that cooperative.

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