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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lajitas banding today

We arrived at dawn, and in no time at all Kelly had captured the Blue-throated that's been there since Dec 17, 2013. Trapping and banding continued at a brisk pace (in brisk air, too, I might add) until Kelly ran out of Anna's-sized bands. We also banded the Broad-billed that I had first seen there on Jan. 1, so it was a good session. (banded 26 hummers total)

The Blue-throated is big and strong. Kelly was very careful so it didn't escape.

The Broad-billed fed good before getting released.


  1. Will see you Friday morning early at Lajitas. We'll be staying at Casita #12 at Far Flung.

  2. Bob, I nearly forgot. There's been a change of plan. Kelly and I will be banding at Far Flung starting at 8 AM Friday morning, so I won't get to Lajitas until 9 or so. Why don't you hang around and watch the banding? You can bird Lajitas any time, but you can't watch banding any time. And who knows what will turn up there since we haven't banded there in over 3 weeks.

    1. Thanks, Carolyn, we will be there. Looking forward to it.