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Friday, November 1, 2013

November and counting...

It seems strange to see lots of birds and butterflies in November, but I guess with the occasional rains we've had, and no freeze yet, it's not surprising. I recorded 40 species of birds today, which I'm sure wasn't nearly all that were present. My favorite bird of the day was this Wilson's Snipe.

Documenting butterflies is much harder. I tallied at least 20 species, but I'm such a newbie at butterflies that I have to photograph most of them for later study before I can identify them. And butterflies do not sit still for photos, for the most part. My favorite lepidoptera capture of the day was this Painted Lady.

Honorable mention is this Eufala Skipper.

The sapsuckers have really sapped my patience with them. This poor limb on my apricot tree is bleeding profusely, and may not survive.

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