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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Slush and such

When I was a kid in Iowa I was taken with a short poem titled "Spring," that said, "Along with the flowers and song of the thrush....... slush." Well, it's not spring, and we don't have flowers or thrush, but we'll soon have lots of slush. And though I've always said I'll take precipitation any way I can get it, it's depressing to sit and watch tree limbs bend to the ground and break. 

So I came to town. Had to drive over fallen branches as I was leaving the oasis.

The highway to Alpine was bad, but I didn't see any wrecks.

Thousands in the Big Bend area are without electricity today, so I consider myself lucky.

I also consider myself really, really technologically challenged. When I first got my pickup, I contorted myself to squeeze between the two front seats to get to the tiny seats in back because I could not figure out how to fold the front seats out of the way and there were no back doors. Couldn't squeeze over the headrests either. Several days later I told my son how impossible it would be to use the back fold-down seats if you were over 5 years old. What a stupid car design, etc. He walked over to the pickup and opened the back doors, whose handles were hidden inside the door jamb. Who would have figured that out!

Then fast forward a couple of years of not making it up my big hill after a rain as the road was muddy, and then just yesterday not making it up the big hill south of Alpine, while everyone else drove past me. Coming to town a while ago I noticed another gear on my gear shift. Who would have ever thought! I'm eager to try it out and see how it works but will wait until the next emergency, which probably won't be too long coming, knowing me. Until today, I didn't notice that number one gear. Go figure!

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