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Monday, November 4, 2013

Making the best of things

Being stuck in Alpine for several days each week, I try to make the best of it. Yesterday I promised myself that today I would scour the town for a butterfly species that would be new to me. Today turned out to be cool, overcast, and breezy, with hardly any flowers to be found anywhere. I searched for hours, and not finding any new big, or average size, butterflies, I started paying attention to the teensiest ones. I could only hope to photograph them and check with my Kaufman butterfly guide later. So when I downloaded my photos I was happy to discover that my captures included two new-to-me species. One was a W Pygmy-Blue, and the other a less common Cyna Blue. The former is the smallest butterfly in America, I believe. Here's the Cyna Blue. (It's hard to get a sharp photo of something so tiny.)

And here is the W Pygmy-Blue

Tomorrow I'm going to go look again. Of course, like birding, the more lifers you get, the harder lifers are to come by.

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